The Maison Guillemette Woman

The Maison Guillemette woman gets up dancing, she assumes her openback and puts on lipstick.

She closes her eyes and loves to feel the wind in her hair and the sun on her skin.

She wears sequins day and night.

She runs to be on time. She seduces, she swirls and the evening ends at dawn.

She savors the small and the big happinesses.

Behind each project, there is a person, a story.

Guillemette is passionate.
Passionate about dance since she was a child, passionate about beauty developed by her time at Chanel and Hermès, passionate about women and Paris.

Guillemette Bataille

Guillemette likes to renew herself with each new collection. Reinventing herself.

She is not afraid to take risks. Maison Guillemette was born from a thread and a needle in her small studio perched in the heart of the Marais, on the 6th floor without an elevator.
A few collections later, surrounded by an enthusiastic and dynamic team, Guillemette continues to make the brand grow while taking care to preserve the little light that animates us.

Our convictions

We are among those who believe that we can consume better, produce better, manufacture better and create better.

We favor short circuits and we manufacture small series to offer you unique pieces and a more responsible fashion.

Since August 2020, we have even started to integrate our production with the opening of our own workshop.

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